Collapse Series

When society collapses, it’s every man for himself. Marauders roam the countryside. Can ranchers assemble a team to protect their home and lives?

The Death of Honor

A blackmailer has targeted Caleb Worthington. Will the terrible truth of why his former best friend is dead come out?

death of independence

Olivia fights to survive after the apocalypse. She longs for safety, but can she trust Nick, the one man willing to help her?


Lizzy doesn’t need school friends — she needs voters. She’ll do anything to win. The new pandemic is just a speed bump — she thinks.

About the author.

Welcome to my website! When I’m not writing, I work a day job as a healthcare accountant. What’s even more fun is the cattle ranch I live on with my husband and three dogs. The animals and greenhouse give me plenty of interesting stories to use in my writing, and I often call on my husband’s military and law enforcement understanding to add flavor to my books.
In my first series, Collapse, I created a post-apocalyptic world revolving around a small-town Georgia family who turn to ranching just in the nick of time to be self-sufficient when the supply chains in the world collapse. The series is available now on Amazon.
Angela D. Shelton


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Lexi believed forced marriage at sixteen was her biggest obstacle, but that changed when she discovered her mother’s secret diary.

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