Tales of Courage, Love, and Faith from the Cattle Fields to the Battlefields.
Angela D. Shelton, winner of the 2023 Christian Indie Awards in the young adult category, crafts spellbinding narratives in both young adult and romance genres. As a healthcare accountant, her life extends well beyond spreadsheets and ledgers. Alongside her husband, Tom, she passionately manages a thriving cattle ranch nestled within Georgia’s picturesque landscapes.

Angela D. Shelton

Her inspiration doesn’t end at the ranch gates. Drawing from hands-on agricultural experiences and Tom’s rich knowledge of military and law enforcement, Angela weaves enthralling post-apocalyptic worlds in her acclaimed series, Collapse. This collection spotlights a brave family from a charming Georgia town, who, faced with a crumbling global supply chain, finds salvation in farming just in the nick of time.

Angela’s latest literary undertaking, the riveting Rise of the Y, escorts readers into a dystopian realm set among the ruins of Atlanta, Georgia. Her storytelling mastery, combined with real-life insights, makes her novels not just compelling reads but immersive experiences. Whether it’s a tale of resilience, romance, or rebellion, Angela’s words resonate with readers, leaving an indelible mark on their hearts.

Angela D.Shelton