Welcome to my website! When I’m not writing, I work a day job as a healthcare accountant. What’s even more fun is the cattle ranch I live on with my husband and three dogs. The animals and greenhouse give me plenty of interesting stories to use in my writing, and I often call on my husband’s military and law enforcement understanding to add flavor to my books.

Angela D. Shelton

In my first series, Collapse, I created a post-apocalyptic world revolving around a small-town Georgia family who turn to ranching just in the nick of time to be self-sufficient when the supply chains in the world collapse. The series is available now on Amazon.

My next series, Key to Freedom, is in the works and is a dystopian world based on a non-fiction book I read about the coming population crisis the world is facing. Truth truly is stranger than fiction!

Look for a romantic suspense announcement soon, as well.

I’m a member of the Christian Indie Publishing Association, the American Christian Fiction Writers, and Word Weavers International.

Angela D.Shelton