Exploring The Timeless Appeal of Young Adult Themes

“No book is really worth reading at the age of ten which is not equally (and often far more) worth reading at the age of fifty.” –C.S. Lewis

Many people, including my family members, often ask when I’ll move from young adult (YA) fiction to adult novels. My answer is simple: YA fiction captures the pivotal moments of self-discovery and growth that resonate at any age. I am passionate about the YA genre because it navigates the journey of teens grappling with life-altering decisions amidst the chaos of growing up.

Reflections in ‘Gems of Fire’

In my series, starting with Gems of Fire, readers—be they teens or adults—find characters facing fears, making decisions about identity, and dealing with trust and betrayal. These are universal experiences that continue beyond the teenage years. C.S. Lewis’s quote highlights how great stories transcend age, connecting with shared human experiences.

Growing Beyond Youth

As adults, we face many of the same themes explored in the Gems of Fire series: overcoming fear, understanding family dynamics, and embracing change. The journey of self-discovery doesn’t end when adulthood begins. Instead, it’s a continual process of renewal and growth—whether it’s trying a new hobby, changing routines, or taking on challenges that push us out of our comfort zones.

The Everlasting Journey of Discovery

The call to adventure in YA fiction isn’t just for the young; it beckons to us throughout life. Are we ready to step out of our comfort zones, reach out to others, and explore new opportunities? This ongoing journey keeps the YA genre close to my heart, and why I continue to write for it.

Why Young Adult Fiction Matters

Lisa Cron sums up the essence of YA fiction in Story Genius: “Stories let us vicariously try out difficult situations we haven’t yet experienced to see what it would really feel like, and what we’d need to learn in order to survive.” This is the pull of young adult books—not just for teens, but for adults who continue to seek growth and understanding through storytelling.

About Diane E. Samson

Diane E. Samson, author of the Gems of Fire series and several companion novels, has always been enchanted by the power of stories. Growing up in Missouri, her adventures led her to a career in journalism and public relations. Today, she writes from her Missouri home, inspired by her experiences and the landscapes of her youth.

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Author of YA Fantasy Novel Gems of Fire